Spring’s Best Style Risks According to Marcus Paul

Spring’s Best Style Risks According to Marcus Paul

In the elite ranks of fashion stylists and skilled creatives who are able to conjure magic on set, Marcus Paul definitely occupies his own unique space. You’ve most likely seen his work over the years with a slew of A-list talent, most notably his longtime client and friend Pusha T. The distinguishing element of Paul’s creations is his ability to deliver the spectacular, and yet, always manage to convey an undeniable vibe of sophisticated elegance.

As we step into the spring season, we connected with Paul to find out more about his mastered craft and ask about his recommendations for style risks to take this season.

What are some of the big style trends we should be looking out for in the streetwear and luxury lanes this year?

I honestly don't follow fashion trends. I generally go with my intuition and what speaks to me. However, I do believe you will see more colors and lavish designs. I think the pandemic slowed the world down and as things start to open back up, people will want to be more expressive in their wardrobe and get more dressed up. I believe designers will have a bolder more opulent approach to their designs.

Speaking of color, you always do an amazing job of incorporating bold color and pattern into your styling creations. Who are some of your favorite brands for finding these standout pieces?

I appreciate the compliment. I do like to incorporate color in my styling projects. Some of my favorite brands are: Marni, Dries Van Noten, Bode, and Bianaca Saunders. I've always been attracted to patterns and bold hues. Colors greatly affect one's mood and how people respond to you. Colors help establish a presence and convey a message.

For all the aspiring stylists out there, can you drop some gems about how they can achieve the same heights you’ve attained?

My advice to aspiring stylists is to study your craft, research, and put in the work. Find your voice and don't follow trends. Build relationships with other stylists, pr companies, retailers, designers, and other creatives. Listen to interviews, podcasts, reference old runway shows, and editorial stories. For all the years I've been in the industry, I'm still a student and constantly learning. Continue to pivot and evolve.

What other projects are you currently involved in at the moment?

Some of the projects I'm currently working on is the second collection of eyewear collaboration with Haffmans & Neumeister (German based eyewear brand). Some creative direction projects are in the works. I'm also manifesting some film opportunities.


Spring Style Recommendations by Marcus Paul:


“It's the perfect polo that can be worn in a lot of different ways, either dressed up or dressed down during the day or nighttime.”

“Greg Lauren does a great job of repurposing clothing and it's sustainable at the same time. This is a perfect hybrid hoodie with the military gold metallic detail and the satin gives it an elevated aesthetic.”

“I wouldn't necessarily consider this a risk but more of a sound investment. You can wear these Rick pants with a tee and nice footwear. It can also be dressed up for those summer nights. It's always important to have versatility and comfort at the same time.”

“Chrome Hearts always offers great craftsmanship and it is a great accessory to exude fine taste.”

“A solid risk to take and can be worn with a pair of black shorts. Undeniable.”

“Dope risk because they are the perfect outdoor shorts with plenty of pockets for the stash.”

“Mihara Yasuhiro’s Baker sneakers are great footwear to enhance one's wardrobe. The multi-color color block is a personal favorite. In addition, they are not readily available so when you can get your hands on them I suggest you do so.”

“Dope risk because it is an all terrain shoe that is comfortable and makes a statement. Great for city and hiking life. One of my personal favorites.”

“Dope risk because no one is really wearing Visvim right now and the details on these are primo.”

“Byredo Blanche is a fresh, subtle scent that leaves a lasting impression. It's always nice to receive a compliment of how good you smell.”

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