We11Done is pronounced “well done,” and stands for the company’s emphasis on well-made designs. The 11 is a reference to Rare Market’s 11 team members.

For Rare Market co-founders Jessica Jung and Dami Kwon, cool is in their DNA. (Kwon’s brother is G-Dragon, famed South Korean rapper and fashion designer known as the “king of K-Pop.”).

We11done Beige & Black Leopard Logo Cap
We11done Yellow Leopard Faux Fur Zip Up Jacket
From $444.11 - $888.22
We11done Black Logo Print Jacket
We11done Black Pullover Logo Jacket
We11done Black Slit Denim Pants
We11done Green Pearl Logo Hoodie
We11done White Teddy Bear Baseball Cap
We11done White Teddy Bear Hoodie
We11done Pink Velvet Logo Cap
We11done Red Felted Knitted Jacket
We11done Pink Argyle Knit Sweater