Complex SHOP


In a return to the brand’s ethos as the original buyer’s guide, the Complex SHOP celebrates creatives by bringing the global community together through the marketplace with unexpected connections that influence and inform the world from fashion and streetwear to art and design. In partnership with Bonsai’s native checkout technology, the Complex SHOP is more than a transaction as it enables audiences to discover and purchase exclusive products that represent them and their lifestyles as they engage with Complex content, all without leaving the Complex SHOP experience


Founded in 2002 by Marc Ecko, COMPLEX Magazine launched its first magazine issue as the definitive convergence of men’s product and lifestyle within the style buyer’s guide and lifestyle sections. Each double-sided issue featured two distinct covers with one half of the book dedicated entirely to being the most comprehensive style guide available. Meanwhile the other side is a dedicated culture guide with lifestyle features, celebrity interviews, trend pieces, video game coverage and gadget reviews.